Looks Do Not Define Your Beauty, Strength, or Character

From a very young age, females begin feeling pressured to look a certain way: thin. But it doesn’t stop there. With models in practically every retail line on the market being photographed with great hair, perfect makeup, and flaunting a size 0 or 2, many of us strive to achieve the same look.

It starts with beautiful dolls like Barbie and continues through every stage of life from clothing store mannequins and magazine models, to celebrities and reality shows like “America’s Next Top Model.”  Society as a whole puts too much importance of size and beauty. However, regardless of how much importance the media may place on being thin, it does not have to impact anyone’s personal views.

 What Is “Beauty” To You?

Each person is unique and when we learn to see ourselves and everyone else as a “whole” person, it will accentuate that a person’s exterior appearance is only a small part of someone.

 “When it comes to beauty, women are nothing short of amazing. They come in variations of shapes, colors, and sizes. Each part of their character and personality adds an element to their beauty.” ~Raheem DeVaughn

Overall, what is truly important is being healthy and happy, and that is very seldom depicted by a specific weight. Fortunately, in recent years, plus size models are being featured more often. In fact, large corporations including Sephora and Ulta are helping to change the stigma.

By moving away from hiring size 2 models and instead casting full-figured women who range from sizes 12-22, these companies are helping to showcase what real beauty looks like. These models have attainable body sizes that better reflect the women who are actually buying these products.

In response, women are absolutely loving the inclusivity of these modern-day campaigns. Additionally, mainstream companies such as Target and Victoria’s Secret are feeling pressure to expand their own clothing and lingerie lines to accommodate average sized females.

 Feel Great Inside and Out

The world is full of diversity and your beauty is unique to you. Fortunately, mass media is finally beginning to realize that. With today’s modern campaigns for fair, relatable media and attainable models who actually represent the beautiful women of today’s society, we are beginning to see a shift in how women think of themselves and others.

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Written by Sydney King

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