The Benefits of Compression Activewear 

Professional and amatuer athletes alike are very familiar with the benefits of compression activewear. Whether you are training for your first marathon or hitting the court for a championship match, there are certain benefits of compression activewear that are certainly worth researching. Here’s a look at how professional compression wear could help benefit everyone in achieving their fitness goals.

#1 Keep Yourself Comfortable

One of the primary benefits of compression activewear that you’re sure to notice as soon as you put it on, is the support it provides. Whether it’s a a compression shirt or bra, which helps make working out more comfortable, or even compression socks, there’s a reason why gym clothes are generally tight.

Fitting like a second skin, you won’t have to worry about loose fabric causing chafing or bunching up when you need to be paying attention to your routine. Plus, the support can even improve your posture and form. Meanwhile, compression activewear is specifically formulated to be highly breathable--so you won’t have to worry about synthetics causing excess sweat or stench.

Additionally, compression activewear is made from super stretchy fabrics, so no worrying about tight clothing holding you back or riding up in all the wrong places. Compression clothing clings to your body without restricting you, allowing you to move naturally and focus on your workout instead of your wardrobe.

#2 Improve Your Recovery

Compression is proven to increase blood flow, which is why medically prescribed compression garments are often given to the elderly and those recovering from surgeries. Likewise, compression sportswear helps to regulate blood circulation for healthy individuals, which in turn works to decrease muscle soreness during and after your workout.

In fact, many studies support that wearing compression activewear can actually improve your recovery and reduce how long it takes your body to recover. This is a must, especially if you are subjecting your body to repeat workouts and if you’re involved in an activity that makes you prone to overuse injuries (i.e., tennis elbow).

The tightness in itself can also help quickly ease swelling while the increased blood pressure promotes muscle building and tissue repair after each and every workout, so choose your compression gear carefully for the best effects.

#3 Take It Outside The Gym

Aside from compression clothing being extremely on-trend, there are other reasons why you might wear it outside of the gym. First would be muscle recovery, but if you are living an active lifestyle, you might also consider wearing compression clothing more often just to enjoy the potential benefits of continuous improved blood circulation and everything else that comes with compression activewear.

If you’re like most people today, you don’t confine your exercise and activities to an hour or two at the gym. Rather, you’re constantly on the go, and wearing compression clothing--even as a mid or under layer--can help you stay comfortable and prepared for any opportunity you have to get in that extra bit of exercise. It might even improve your performance!

Written by Dante Bloxam

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