Denean Anthony started in May of 2018 in Okinawa Japan while on a extended business assignment. We decided to create a business which aims to promote health, wellness, and body positivity after multiple unexpected losses to the family due to health issues, with the most recent occurring right before moving to Japan. We are an Activewear e-commerce retail company with the goal of bringing high quality and cost conscious products to the market for people of all shapes and sizes. After realizing how much activewear can be marketed up, we decided to look into sourcing affordable products from around the world and at home (USA), with comparable quality at competitive price points. 

Dante Bloxam is the CEO/Co-founder of Denean Anthony, who has 12 years of leadership experience working for the United States government. He has lead multiple projects in Louisiana (2007-2014), Missouri (2014-2018), and Japan (2018-Present). He was born in 1986 at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, to an Air Force veteran who has lead troops honorably in Ohio, Philippines, South Korea X2, Florida, and Michigan. Leadership runs through the family veins. As a result of his parents instilling some key core values such as; integrity, hard work, and a indomitable will, Dante is ready to apply these principles to business. 

Anika Bloxam is the company’s President/Co-founder. The name Denean Anthony derives from Anika’s late mother and brother. Denean being her mothers middle name, and Anthony being the first name of her younger brother, who both passed unexpectedly at a young age. The lessons her mother and Marine veteran father who has lead Marines in California, Japan X2, and South America, instilled in her and her brother to progress with excellence beyond the present environments limitations. With both Wanda (Denean) and Anthony’s spirit in the company we will ensure we never lose sight of our true north.  

As a company we dream big and have very exciting plans for the future. We want to reach a point to where we can invest in wearable technologies and produce our own product line creating completely new customer experiences that have not been experienced in the industry before. Thank you for coming along with us on our journey towards a happy and healthy future.